Agency Power 福克斯 ST 3 英寸不锈钢排气系统中尾段(4 英寸黑色尾喉)



2013 and 2014 Focus ST 3” Stainless Steel Cat-Back Exhaust System with Dual 4” Black Tips from Agency Power.

Upgrade from the quiet and restrictive factory exhaust on your 2013-2014 Focus ST with this 3" stainless steel cat-back exhaust system with dual 4" black tips from Agency Power. This direct-fit cat-back exhaust system sounds just as good as it looks!


  • Approximate 10 HP/TQ Increase
  • Full 3" Stainless Steel Construction
  • Large Center Muffler
  • TIG Welded Seams
  • CNC Machined Flanges
  • Direct Bolt-on Fitment
  • Dual 4" Black Ceramic Coated Tips

Agency Power cat-backs are constructed with TIG welded seams and CNC machined flanges. Existing hanger points are maintained for a bolt-on installation, and no fuss slip fits make installation easy and prevent any exhaust leaks. One large center muffler keeps the tone just right for quiet highway cruising, but the exhaust really comes to life during wide open throttle. This 3" cat-back from Agency Power is sure to deliver the exhaust tone you've been looking for.

The coolest aspect of this specific Agency Power cat-back exhaust system is where it exits the back of the Focus ST. Dual 4" black ceramic coated tips create an awesome, stealth like appearance that will set your Focus ST apart from the rest. The exhaust tips connect to the cat-back with a V-band style clamp for a solid fitment.

Agency Power tested their 2013-2014 Focus ST cat-back on their in-house Mustang Dyno to be sure they extracted every ounce of power available. They achieved a peak increase of approximately 10 horsepower and torque between 4900 and 5500 RPMs. However, the exhaust picked up a very noticeable gain of power throughout the entire RPM curve.

Agency Power highly recommends the addition of an aftermarket downpipe and custom tuning with their cat-back so you can easily achieve over 40 wheel-horsepower and torque.