Garage Line 福克斯 ST 油门踏板垫高



The GarageLine Focus ST Accelerator Pedal Mount is a neccesity for any ST owner and even more so for the ones who do any spirited driving. The product was designed with a few options:
55mm - Pedal Mount was the original design that made the Accelerator pedal flush with brake and clutch 38mm - Pedal Mount is version 2, which is slightly shorter by 17mm. Allowing for a more comfortable daily driving and also spirited driving position. (Most Popular)

Both kits feature a stock and race lateral adjustment:
Stock Lateral Postion - This pedal placement puts the GO pedal in the stock lateral position but elevated 38mm or 55mm depending on your kit choice. No more reaching for the desire to go, it will be right where you expect it to be.
Race - This is the more aggressive pedal position. Moving the Accelerator the proximity closer to the brake. This is ideal for heal toe downshifts.

The result in either position or height option is absolutely phenomenal by comparison! The accelerator pedal is now in the right place for heal toe action if you are so skilled and just an overall comfortable feel. You will also notice a much your relaxed sitting position while driving on a day to day basis. This is must have modification just as much as the short shifter.