ITG 滞尘涂装油 (低粉尘环境)



Oil used to re-oil Maxogen and Megaflow ITG Filters when being used in low dust environments.

After you clean your filter and allow it to dry, apply ITG Dust Retention Coating very lightly to make sure you capture all small dust particles from entering your engine. There is a white pigment to the oil so you can regulate application. Lightly mist the filter for complete coverage. Place the filter in a plastic bag or similar, and use the bag to keep your hands free from oil and work in the oil into the filter by gently squeezing it. Work all the oil into the three layers of foam and then it is ready to be installed.

Never use an un-oiled or dry foam filter in your vehicle as this will reduce the efficiency and may allow small dust particles to pass through without being trapped by the dust retention oil.

Oiling your filter:

Holding the can about 1 inch from the filter, spray in a circular motion all over the foam surface until the coarse foam pores just start to fill up with oil. Then wearing protective gloves or placing the filter in a bag, use your fingertips to massage the oil into the three layers of foam. The ITGDRC can contains a mix of oil concentrate and a thinning agent which assists the oil in penetrating into the foam. The thinner agent will evaporate after about 5-10 minutes, so massage the oil into the foam as soon as it is applied to assist the oil in penetrating through the three layers of foam. Your filter is now ready to install. If you think you have over applied oil to your filter you can dab the surface of the foam with a paper towel or rag which will remove most of the excess oil.

Cleaning your filter:

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES use a cotton gauze filter oil or any other oil not specifically manufactured for foam air filers, as the oil will not stick to the foam and thus may allow dust through the filter with the risk of causing engine or MAF sensor damage.
Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES use a highly alkaline cleaner above PH-8, such as a powder based cleaner or clothing detergent, to clean a foam filter. Using a highly alkaline cleaner will break down the foam structure and destroy the effectiveness of the filter. If in doubt of what is safe to use, contact FSWERKS for further instruction.
Not for profilters, this is a light duty oil for Maxogen and Megaflow filters. Use ITGDRC2 for ITG Profilters.

Due to Airline restrictions, this item can ONLY be shipped via GROUND service.

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