mountune Clubsport 福克斯 ST 悬挂升级



The mountune Clubsport Suspension system for the 2013-2014 MK3 Focus ST features improved dynamic performance with excellent ride quality. Months and miles of development and testing have resulted in the ultimate fixed spring platform suspension system for the Focus ST. The mountune Clubsport Suspension is ideal for high performance driving and occasional track day use without sacrificing ride quality for your daily drive. Ride height and settings have been optimized around the Bilstein B8 high performance strut giving you superb performance and looks. The mountune Clubsport Suspension system includes assembled front struts with all new genuine Ford components eliminating the need for a spring compressor during installation saving both time and money.


  • Bilstein B8 dampers
  • mountune Sport Springs
  • Ride height reduction Front 25mm/1"
  • Ride height reduction Rear 35mm/ 1.4
  • New genuine Ford pinch bolts (mounting)
  • mountune Clubsport badge

Assembled front struts include

  • Top strut mounts
  • Strut bearings
  • Rubber spring seat
  • Shock boots