mountune 福克斯 ST MR300 动力升级套件



mountune Racing MR300 upgrade offers Focus ST owners the chance to upgrade to a genuine 300PS and 470Nm experience - the highest power and torque output reliably achievable using the OE turbocharger.

The kit is based on the market-leading MP275 upgrade which consists of:

  • Large-capacity alloy intercooler (silver or black - with optional logo)
  • Low-loss cast crossover duct with silicone hose (silver or black)
  • High-flow dual-entry air filter

In addition to this, the MR300 upgrade also adds:

  • High-flow 3" down pipe with 200-cell sports catalyst
  • High-flow 2.5" bore cat-back exhaust
  • High-flow charge pipe upgrade kit
  • High-flow silicone induction hose
  • mTune handset loaded with MR300 calibration.

Once upgraded, power increases to 300PS whilst torque is raised to 470Nm.

mTune 功能介绍

  • ECU 性能校准数据传输
  • 写入式校准程序升级
  • 0-60 英里计时
  • 1/4 英里计时
  • 监控 6 个 OBD 频道
  • 可调式换挡提示灯
  • 完整的数据日志
  • DTC 读/清除
  • 触感柔软的后壳
  • LCD 屏幕
  • 挂绳销
  • 可拆卸式面板
  • 环境光传感器

每套 mTune 设备都会提供:

  • 带 T 型槽的皮套
  • OBD 与 USB 连接电缆
  • 碳纤维效果的面板
  • mTune 拉链式保护壳

日后 mTune 的固件更新只需简单升级校准程序,新功能便会添加,新选项也会显示