mountune MR300 福克斯ST MK3 性能升级套件


mountune MR300 Performance Upgrade - Focus ST 2013-2014

The mountune Racing MP275 > MR300 upgrade offers existing MP275 Focus ST owners the chance to upgrade to a genuine 300PS and 470Nm experience - the highest power and torque output reliably achievable using the OE turbocharger. Touching on our motorsport DNA, our engineers have developed the mountune MR300 upgrade to maximize the performance of the Focus ST while maintaining excellent drivability. The MR300 upgrade includes required additional hardware to supplement the MP275 Performance upgrade along with a revised engine calibration that optimizes power and torque resulting in impressive response. Your existing mTune calibration is easily upgraded using online tools.

This kit is for customers that already have the MP275 hardware installed and require the following hardware to upgrade to MR300:

  • High-flow 3" down pipe with 200-cell sports catalyst
  • High-flow 2.5" bore cat-back exhaust
  • High-flow charge pipe upgrade kit (select color)
  • High-flow silicone induction hose
  • Optimized engine calibration
  • mountune racing badge