mountune OZ Formula HLT



Produced and optimized exclusively for mountune (M-Spec), the new OZ Racing / mountune Formula HLT wheel gives the discerning Focus owner the opportunity to upgrade their wheels to one of the strongest and best looking wheels on the market. Unlike most aftermarket wheels, The Formula HLT 'M-Spec' features an ET45 offset which keeps unwanted torque-steer to a minimum while improving the appearance and facilitating more clearance for mountune big brake kits. The correct offset cannot be stressed enough when considering wheels for a high powered, front wheel drive performance vehicle. The correct offset as well as width ensure that torque steer and "tram lining" are kept to a minimum.

Each wheel is supplied with two center cap fixing options, a standard ring type and a center-lock effect. Wheels are also supplied with tuner wheel nuts and a mountune carbon center cap. Each vehicle set ordered is supplied with a corresponding tuner nut key to facilitate installation. Available in three wheel finishes and three locking ring color options; black, red and yellow - providing nine possible combinations to fit best with your vehicle's color scheme. Please specify wheel color when ordering.


  • 8x18" 5x108 (suits most Ford Focus, Fusion, Escape)
  • ET45 Offset
  • Only 9.6kg per wheel
  • Three durable color finishes
  • Three locking ring color combinations
  • TUV Approved