mountune 嘉年华 / 新福克斯 5 速快排




Made from billet aluminum, the mountune shifter arm is both strong and light, giving a more sporty shift-feel, combined with a 20% shorter throw. The arm is specially plated for durability and is hand-assembled by mountune engineers. The billet arm can also be used in conjunction with the mountune STS unit 2130-STS-AA (short-throw-shifter) for the Fiesta to give an ultra short (32%) reduction in throw combined with a greatly enhanced feel. The arm is located on the front of the gearbox (when looking at the front of the car) and is quickly and easily replaced - just pop both shifter cables off using a screwdriver, remove the circlip and replace the arm.


  • Easy installation
  • 20% shorter throw
  • Plated finish for durability