mountune 福克斯 ST 运动弹簧




Our goal was to enhance and optimize the handling of the Focus ST while not overpowering the original shock absorber. We wanted the car to handle better on the track and ride comfortably on the freeways of Los Angeles. We also demanded advanced ride quality that is only offered by a true progressive rate spring. The outcome of countless validation miles on numerous British “B” roads, the Bruntingthorpe Proving grounds, and the famous Nordschleife is the ultimate spring upgrade set for the MK3 Focus ST, offering enhanced performance with an aggressive level stance. Please note these are for 2013 model year application only. Ford has changed the design on the 2014 model year Focus ST front strut for vehicles sold in North America, requiring a revised spring design. Please contact us if you are outside of North America and have a question on fitment.


  • Rate increase : 15% (front OE springs 171lb/in mountune 196.5lb/in) (rear OE 183lb/in mountune 210lbs/in)
  • Ride height reduction Front 25mm/1"
  • Ride height reduction Rear 35mm/ 1.4"
  • Includes revised bump stops