PERM Tuning 福克斯 ST PCV 金属板



In stock form, the DISI MZR only has a single vent of crank case pressures when under boost: the valve cover. As power levels increase, so does crank case pressure, and thus the need to vent it. This PCV Plate helps achieve just this, by adding a second vented port right at the source of the crank case pressure, the bottom end. Rather than force said pressure to flow all the way up through the long block, into the valve cover, through the gamut of valve cover baffles, and finally out the valve cover port.... you'll have a dedicated port to vent right at the source.

And with this billet CNC machined piece, you even get to maintain the OEM baffle design (integral to the block), as well as the OEM gasket. No messing with RTV.

Included fittings provide a 1/2 NPT threaded boss (providing ample choice in fitting / hose selection), and it comes with included longer bolts to accomodate the added thickness. This plate really should be the first step in addressing crank case pressures for high power DISI MZR power plants.

想了解 PCV 原理请看这里