Steeda 福克斯 ST 2013 驾驶员侧变速箱支架



If you are a hardcore enthusiast who races their Focus ST and want to get the most performance you can out of your Focus ST, you should consider upgrading to our drivers side engine/transmission mount for your Focus ST. Help control engine deflection and get more power to the ground.

Our mount uses a CNC machined billet aluminum bushing mount which bolts to a 1/4" CNC stamped steel plate making it far stronger than the factory piece. This motor mount will help improve launching by eliminating any deflection which could cause front wheel hop and comes with a lifetime warranty.

This mount will increase N.V.H., (noise, vibration, and harmonics) and provides a good, solid link to the transmission and engine and therefore is not recommended for daily street use if smoothness and comfort is a concern to you over max performance. This mount is intended for the most serious enthusiasts who want to get every bit of performance out of their Focus ST.

Looking for the 2014 & Newer Focus ST Driver Side Transmission Mount? Click Here, for more information.


Improved power delivery and launching
Improved shifting feel
Direct bolt on installation
Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects


  • 2013 Focus ST