MBRP 福克斯 ST 黑色 3 英寸进气弯管套件



2013-2014 Focus STs Black 3" Mandrel Bent Air Intake Tubing Kit from MBRP.

You want your 2013-2014 Focus ST to perform to the best of its best abilities, so why keep it restricted breathing through the small stock intake piping that it comes with? Open up her lungs today with this MBRP Air Intake Tubing Kit from Spool Tuning and feed your turbocharger some clean, cold air and really get her revved up!


  • 3" Mandrel Bent Tubing
  • Attached Mounting Brackets
  • Simple Bolt-on Installation
  • Easier Induction of Air
  • Large Volume of Air Expelled
  • Increase HP and Performance
  • Attractive Ceramic Coated Black Finish
  • Works with Stock Engine Cover

This MBRP 3" Black Mandrel Bent Air Intake Tubing Kit for all 2013-2014 Focus STs can provide a larger influx of air directly to your turbo and ultimately the engine. This increased level of airflow is a great way to get the peak performance out of your ST machine! This will create quicker turbo spool up, increased fuel economy and give you more precise throttle response. Altogether, you will get more muscle and output power potential!

This larger, mandrel bent tubing provides a more direct path for the airflow to your ST’s turbocharger. You can also listen to your turbo and by-pass valve at work while you drive and know they are getting the larger amounts of cool air that they crave! This means your engine won’t be working as hard to produce the highest levels of horsepower and performance.