FSWERKS Green Filter Cool-Flo 福克斯 ST 进气系统



The FSWERKS Cool-Flo for the Focus ST eliminates the factory airbox to allow for maximum airflow from all angles, yet still provide a barrier from engine heat. We achieve this by utilizing our powdercoated tig welded aluminum heat shield, which has a rubber hood seal that meets up with the hood when it closes. Additionally, to further maximize airflow our heat shield incorporates a 3" inlet right at our high performance air filter compared to the factory 2.75" inlet. The factory airbox was designed, in part, to be quiet to meet the needs of the general population. Once the airbox is replaced with the Cool-Flo air intake system a much more aggressive and sporty engine note will be present. For the majority of auto enthusiasts, the resulting sounds of the turbo spooling and diverter valve whooshing is as greatly appreciated as the added horsepower and torque. We include all of the necessary hardware and instructions for installation. Lifetime Warranty.

Note: A noticeable increase of induction noise is created with all open filter air intake kits. Only the ITG filter part#15BH-262 in the stock air box will maintain OEM like sound levels.