mountune 福克斯 ST 高流量进气软管



The mountune high flow induction hose for the Focus ST replaces the original OE flexible coupling hose between the air box and intake pipe. Designed with a smooth flow interior, the mountune High Flow Induction Hose enhances airflow to the engine and improves response. The mountune high flow induction hose features stainless steel wire reinforced sections to prevent deformation under high engine load. The compound curve design ensures perfect fit and is compatible with the mountune Low Restriction Intake as well as the original intake system.

Hoses available in four color options: mountune black and yellow, blue, red or yellow- please select color option when ordering.


  • Increased airflow and response
  • High quality silicone construction
  • Stainless steel wire reinforced
  • Easy installation
  • Includes upgraded hose clamp set