mountune 福克斯 ST 低阻力进气套件(银色)



2363-CAIS-AA Silver

The mountune High Performance Induction kit for the Mk3 Focus ST includes everything you need to optimize the intake tract on your MK3 Focus ST. The kit consists of a cast aluminum low restriction crossover duct available in a natural silver or painted black finish (with a detailed fin and logo), an exclusive mountune high flow air filter, mountune/Samco silicone hose and clamps.

  • Cast aluminum construction
  • mountune High Flow Air filter with dual inlet
  • mountune/Samco Silicone coupling hose
  • Installation is simple and only requires simple hand tools


Comprehensive evaluation of the OE Focus ST intake system revealed the primary restriction as the OE plastic crossover pipe as well as the OE air filter. mountune engineers have designed a revised replacement crossover pipe with smooth air flow characteristics and no internal obstructions to improve intake air flow directly to the turbocharger. Coupled with a uniquely designed mountune high flow air filter with with dual inlet, the mountune High Performance Induction kit will provide increased air flow, improved engine response, and power. As there is no performance benefit and to help maintain the original vehicle’s NVH quality, we have elected to retain the OE coupling hoses and connectors when possible.