Steeda Focus ST Intake Manifold Spacer



What it does?

Steeda’s Intake Runner Plate smooths air flow with CAD perfect port matching that with the increased plenum volume will improve horsepower and torque. (without nitrous)

What material is this made from?

Steeda crafts it with billet 6061 aerospace grade aluminum.

Is a Tune Required?

When using a nitrous system on your Focus ST, a tune is required.

What is the warranty?

This part carries Steeda's lifetime warranty.

Who makes it and where?

This part is Steeda manufactured at our Valdosta, GA Manufacturing plant right here in the USA.

Installation Instructions

You can download the Focus ST manifold spacer installation instructions.


  • Perfectly matched ports for smooth transitions
  • Increased horsepower
  • Retains use of factory engine cover - A Steeda exclusive!